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Selling is one of the most comfortable jobs to do in this world if you know – how?


Let’s start our journey to understand the depth of selling habits or practices that make you the best salesperson, that makes you the wealthiest salesperson, or a top salesperson in the industry of marketing.

Everyone wants to sell more and more of their product to their client or customers so that they can generate huge revenue or can accomplish their set of goals. Some of you might enter into this profession either because of passion or seeing other people making some good money in this profession.

The very first thing you should know what you are doing with your profession, and up to what level you want to go up. If you are not dedicated enough to your business, then you are not going to win any industry.

So, before diving into the main topic, tell yourself that you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.



How to sell effectively?



So, without wasting any time, let’s focus on the topic of how to sell effectively. Here are the principal 13 concepts or ideas you must consider and apply to your profession to be the best salesperson.

These ideas are extracted from the viewpoint of the best market leaders and a top leader of business management so that you can acquire the best knowledge. We have compiled it beautifully so that you don’t need to visit any other websites anymore.

Be patient, and go thoroughly for all points. I am guaranteeing that after completing this whole post, you are going to feel yourself a different, maybe you start to upgrade your version from now.


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time – Thomas Edison


Selling Is a Learned Profession

The very first knowledge you must keep in mind that we can’t do any profession wisely unless we learn it. A doctor can’t do surgery without practicing or learning.

A pilot can’t fly the plane without learning how to fly. So, here is no matter to be sad when you fail in your profession. You can’t drive a car fast unless you learn, practice, and started to drive it on the main road. If it is not, then surely, you are going to hit someone.


Thus, learn the selling, and you are going to learn and practice what you missed out in the past.


Enthusiasm Is the Key to Attract Customers

Those who can never be interested or curious, nothing can motivate them. You must feel what you are doing, what you are performing, what you are showing in your platform. The audience is not going to feel the power of music if the musician is not showing any feeling towards the play.



How to sell effectively?



So, the same theory is also applied here. Anyone who wants to conquer success in professional life must have a full load of interest, passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm.


You must be able to transfer your energy to the customers. Make them feel that you are the one to whom they have been waiting for their help. At the first meeting, grant them a tight handshake, respect always with positive regards though you are in a bad mood.


Always respect them with polite words, though they approach you with bad language or bad behavior. It is the key to open your golden chest. Feel yourself, feel your passion, enjoy your profession, and never let you lack the enthusiasm.

Always try to be in an energetic mood though you are sleeping.


Understand Your Product

Here we go. You are the seller, and you don’t know about your product, that’s a shame on you. Creator must acknowledge all the designs, models, principles, working mechanism, and destroying process of their creativity.

So, the same here too. You must know everything about the product that you are selling.

Try to gain the maximum possible knowledge about your product. You can ask the manufacturer, supplier, owner, engineer, or even search from the internet. There are many ways to know.

But keep in mind that you must know more than your customer knows about your product. Otherwise, you are going to be encounter by your customer, and you will ultimately get kicked.


If you have most of the ideas, knowledge, and concepts about what you are selling, then you can describe it in any way you like to the customer, and it will help you to answer any questions of the customer.


And ultimately, it keeps you full of enthusiasm and is likely to boost your mood to make you feel what you are dealing with your client.


Consider Yourself a Consultant, Not a Seller

Don’t think I am joking. It is the main mistake that most of the sellers do in their profession. You exactly start to talk like a robot and show how eagerly you are trying to sell your product. It is not the way to make a sale. If you are doing this, then you must stop this habit from now and start to re-structure it.

What happens if you go to the store, and the shopkeeper throws anything he has at your face and forces you to buy. Don’t you feel annoying? Ahh, this is the same as what your customers perceive when you do the same behavior.

So, to be a consultant, what first thing you should do? First, examine what is happening to the customer’s life. Analyze him and know his regular jobs. Find out what is his burning passion. Make him feel as you are there for helping him rather than selling.

Now the second step comes. Just start the diagnosis. Assess the essential things and identify the current or most relevant needs of your customer. So, it can help you to know how your product is going to help him in his current situation.

And the final step is to create the value of your product to him, as he can think, this product is going to be good at 100%.


Thus, the main idea here is that, don’t start to show or try to bargain for the pricing of your product. But, at first, assess problems, create value for your product, and try to solve the problem.


Focus on Customer Relationships, Not Sales

Again, you may wonder what I am saying. You must indeed avoid selling before maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. If you only focus on selling, it can’t sustain for a long time. It means you may make money once from him, but then he may never approach you.


If you want to win in the long term, a good customer relationship is very crucial.


So, you must not just show your product or start to tell the benefits of your product. Start by identifying the background and feel your customer’s emotions. If you listen to him and try to connect with him, you may make him feel secure and relaxing.



How to sell effectively?



Adjust yourself that you are not only going to sell him a product but want to help him in the short term, as well as in the coming days too.

Thus, you must clearly understand that selling will surely happen if you first try to create a good relationship than only insisting on your customers for buying your product.


Suggest and Educate Your Customers About Selecting Your Product

For this, you must be an expert in third habits that we already learn above. You must understand your product at a maximum level in all possible ways.


We must be able to explain our product qualities, advantages, superiority features, and many more attributes. Then only you can feel the confidence for your product.


If you are calling the customer to make them buy your product, then you must make them clear about your product. And if you go with informing only a surface level or only what the customers already know, then it is not going to work.

They may say, what’s new in that? So, keep in mind that you must provide them a value that they have not expected with your product. Now you understand what you should do with the knowledge of your product.



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Pause Before Replying to Your Customer

You must start to learn how to reply to your customers. It’s time to listen to them, understand them, and then only respond to them. Without even listening to them, or by interrupting them regularly, it can impact very negatively to the psychograph of customers.


If you focus on listening to every word they speak, every line they conclude, every meaning they want to express, then only you can prove yourself as a good salesman with a good quality of listening power.


Listen to what a customer is saying. They might say – no. Some of them might say – I don’t have enough money. And some of them might say – I don’t like it. Anything they say just listens. Then wait for some seconds to reply, maybe 10 sec.

Just think deeply and ask, why? Now you can understand them better. So, you make them feel comfortable that you are listening to them. And when you hear to them, they start to believe in you that you are not lying.

It creates a positive environment around you and your customers. And there is a more chance that they might get convinced by you.


Be Yourself Accountable for Sales, but Not Blame for Another Reason

There are many types of sellers in the market. But the main category is the losers and winners. Losers are always going to blame other reasons for failing. If they can’t make a sale, then they start to blame for their product, their time of approaching, customer’s attitude, and so more.

But the winners don’t behave like this. They simply try to convince themselves by saying – I may have lacked some of the knowledge, or practice, or learning. So, they always try to improve themselves, but losers are not going to do so.

Being accountable for ownself helps us to know about ourselves more deeply, our ability, skills, performance level, and many other professional qualities.

So, it is necessary not to blame any other reason. Always punish yourself for failing, and it will motivate you to learn more new things about your profession.

Gather the Most Important Information About Your Product.

You may think that this point has already been explained. But not, let us know what is new here. You may know all the required or 100% information about your product, but there is a chance that you still miss something to know, which is very crucial in the selling profession.


Feedback of the customer, or what was the experience of a customer who has purchased your product previously. It is going to be your chief weaponry, to convince new customers.


So, if you visit or contact through phone calls or email to your previous customer who had purchased your product, you can take some little but profound survey.

You can ask why they had purchased your product, what was the reason that makes them buy your product, what was your attempt to make them purchase your product, what crucial advantages are they gaining by using your product.

And the results of this survey can be your competitive advantage, which even the manufacturer or owner of your company may don’t know.

You can utilize this research to sharpen your selling skills and can upgrade your level to more professional. Don’t forget to take feedback from your customers!


Help the Customer, Rather Trying to Sell

If someone gives you on free or tries to sell the same content, think about it. What option will make you feel good, it is sure that who helped you free of cost will going to be your best.



How to sell effectively?



So, here I’m not saying that you must give away your product at no cost. You can create an environment which proves that you are helping your customers rather than you’re selling.


Know Deep Enough About the Customer

Ok, now you decided to help him rather than selling – but how are you going to help him? You must help him according to the problems he is facing. But don’t jump right into helping by handing any product before concerning what may he want.

You can ask questions about his present problems, or if not any, discuss his future goals or aims. So, now you can either solve his problems or help him to reach that goal. Describe your product as it can help him in many ways.


A product always has some purposes that can make a life of humans easier. Though your product’s main qualities are not directly benefiting your customer, try to connect his problems to your product’s advantages.


So, don’t forget the above statement and try to know how your product can help him. If you become successful in creating value for your product, for how it is going to help him, then it is confirmed that you are going to make him your client.

But, if it is difficult or is almost impossible to solve your customer’s problems with your product, you can end up by making positive and healthy relationships with him. After that, he can refer to any other or may himself come back in the future to approach you.


Identify the KDM (Key Decision Maker)

Now many of you may wonder what does KDM means. They are the fundamental customer who decides to buy your product.

You may already know about it or not, but there are a total of 5 types of customers for the salesman, and you must be able to identify them with 100% certainty.

They are:


  • The Initiator: The person who starts to talk about buying.


  • The Influencer: The person who convinces others that they need a product.


  • The Decider: The person who makes the final decision about the purchase.


  • The Buyer: The person who buys the product.


  • The User: The person who consumes the product.


So, they are the type of people around you who may approach you, or you may advance them. It’s your skill to identify to whom you are making a deal.

If you start your all process to make him convince for buying, but he is not a buyer or decider, then you probably spend most of the time, without making conversation with the leader of that group of 5 categories.


If you only talk to influencer or initiator, then there will be more steps for you to go. So try to know the decider or buyer as fast as you can.


Thus, thoroughly study your customers, and read their environment, do they hold a capacity to buy your product, or is just only for time pass. It is more likely to make a sale if you approach with decider or buyer more often.



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Be Clear About Customer’s Wants and Purchasing Power

If you keep all the processes balanced, and identify the customer’s needs and problems, and also want to help him, still there is one thing you must know about the customer before making a selling process.

Again you are going to approach with four types of customers, and they are:



Techniques to sell a product



So, as shown in the figure, you must have got the sense that there are different types of people to whom you may approach and have a different status of money and desire.

Thus, you should not waste your time with them who neither want your product nor have any money. And your best customers are those who demand your product and also have enough money.

Now for the remaining two of them, you must go with suitable processes. For those who have enough money but not wants to buy your product, you can convince them by adding more value to your product.

And for those who have a desire for your product but not have enough money, you can help them by taking to the appropriate financial helpers.

It is necessary to know the category of people because you may waste all your time and energy by convincing the wrong person. So, stay focused to identify in which classification does your customer fall.



So, they all are some advice and ideas that you can implement in your selling profession. You should be able to transform this knowledge into your professional life.

After you started to practice these habits, you will accelerate to perform it automatically. You don’t need to remember or practice how you are going to approach your customers.

Just believe in yourself, and convince yourself. If others can be the best salesperson, then why can’t you? No one is born with a superpower of knowing everything. Everyone acknowledges through learning and learning is a continuous process.

I want you to be a successful salesman in the future. I hope you will achieve your goal soon.


Selling is not hard if you know how to do it.


I trust you appreciated understanding this and get insight into your curiosity.

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