8 Proven Things to Avoid If You Want to Become Rich

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Here are the eight proven things to avoid if you want to become rich. You want to become rich but never give attention to those reasons, why you are struggling so hard to become rich.

On this page, you will know the reasons which are most important, and ignored by many people. If you are also one of them, then it is time to resolve those habits. To get rich, it requires some to adapt extraordinary qualities and skills. So, are you ready to change yourself for your dreams?



How to become rich?



I am guaranteeing you that if you read this post up to the last, then it is more chance that you are going to prove yourself for achieving what you want.



People blame other people for their own mistakes. Those who can never do anything on their own, only those people blame others. Blaming is not going to make you successful, but it will only make you weaker than others.

People who say – I didn’t get a job because the interviewer was biased, oh it was the economy for my failure. It was my family that didn’t support me, or I didn’t have enough money to invest, are never going to account themselves.


People who always point their finger to others are the worst people ever to chase a successful life.


What do you think? Do you also blame others for your failure? It might be the reason why you may never become rich.



Most of the people just quit their progress because of fear. People fear for their failure, fear of committing mistakes, and also fear of being successful.

Fearing people can never try new things, or they never test out new ideas. They get fear of being broke and never test it out. It is nothing more but is only a process of perceiving false evidence.

Fear has it’s own definition, i.e., False Evidence Appearing Real. So, why are you feeding your brain a false truth? It is common to fear and essentials, but we should not let it make ourselves weak.

Be strong and follow your work. The more you make mistakes, the more you will gain knowledge. And the more you learn, the more you build up your confidence.


Being Shy

Do you say – I’m a shy person, or I’m an introvert, or I love to be alone? Then you are never going to challenge yourself in life. If you don’t fight or struggle on the battlefield, then guess what? You will get killed by your opponent.

Shyness is only one part of our emotions but is not everything in our life. Be shy for the first moment, and it is all correct. But if you always get shy about getting the same work again, then it is sure that you will reach nowhere.



How to become rich?



Find your weak point for why you get shy and research for what is possible ways to handle it safely. Shyness is only a means to not to do for what you fear.


Be a skilled and demandable person. You can make it happen if you overcome your shyness.



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Feeling Judged

Tell me seriously – do you think a lot about people’s opinions? Do you care about what others are going to say for your work? Does your heart feel about being judged by people? If yes, then this is the reason that is dragging you down.

It is the nature of people to say things like that. You can’t change them unless you conquer your mission. Most of the people quit their work because of some comments from haters, though they know they were doing right.

It is not a good story for us. The most badass disease for a starter is the feeling of being judged by other people. The haters are going to say anything, but they are the haters and can’t see other people being successful.

Only those comments you wrong, who have never done any businesses. Just leave them alone and focus on your career.


If you have started to gain haters, then believe or not, you are on the right path for your success.


Being Comfortable

If you get satisfied with what you earn today, then it closes your matter. Be ambitious and chase your limits. A comfort zone is that danger area – if you get pulled by it, then it acts like a black hole.

Nothing can save you from this self-containment.


Being satisfied by what you have is a good thing, but if you have a big dream of being a millionaire or a billionaire, then being comfortable is probably the main reason to make you stuck in an average class.


Living satisfied is the art of managing resources efficiently. But if you manage to live more comfortably with low income, then you will never feel anything lacked. And you will never get rich too.



How to become rich?



So, feel comfortable, but along with that, try to raise your income level after some interval. And again, follow it until you become highly successful and achieve an income of at least one hundred thousand dollars a year. Because that is what I am talking about being rich progressively.


Working Alone

I believe that if you work alone, you can never make a resourceful impact on people’s life. Remember this – anything excellent happens, always with teamwork, but not with lonely work.


People fear to assign a task to other people because they think that the work might come out with low quality or maybe it will not satisfy their priority.


See, I also fear to handle the complete task to my friends. But I came to know that that was not a good deal. And after I started to work with my friends, I noticed drastic progress in my job. If you work lonely, it will take you more time to finish a single task. It will keep you busy and sucks out most of the energy.



How to become rich?



But if you work with a high-performance team, then they give you a lot of creative and innovative ideas to implement. You can divide your business job more efficiently and can make a job done more effectively in less time. And that is what you need to win the market share.



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Being Last

Don’t put anyone ahead of you. It’s your life and your destiny to grab. If you always put your friends, or your family, or your co-workers first, then you can never grab that chance to prove yourself.

Life gives you only one chance, and you are wasting that too. It is not necessarily bad, to give other people a chance, but sometime you should also overtake them. The more you please others, the more you will get pinched by them.


Be a little bit selfish and steal the opportunity. Who knows that opportunity might lead you towards the great fortune. So, don’t let anybody cross your section of opportunity.



Excusing to avoid work, is similar to letting yourself drown although you know how to swim. You know your work is essential, but you still procrastinate. Why? Because you are smart at excusing!

What the hell is stopping for doing your job? Don’t justify your arguments for not to do or to leave something. If you become good at excusing, then you start to quit everything, and you will satisfy yourself with what is only remaining with you.

Excusing will never make you wealthy. You only end up your life with a minimal income. And still you convenience yourself for that too. And believe what? Your life will start to excuse yourselves!

There can be many reasons for excusing, but it only requires one well-planned reason to make it happen.


Believe in your strength. You are the one who writes your destiny, but not others. I don’t know what you are going to do now. But if you think that you got motivated, then don’t forget to avoid these habits and re-form it positively in your professional life.


I trust, you appreciated understanding this and get insight into the reasons for your struggle.

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